Spider-Man: Swing Into Action HC

Spider-Man: Swing Into Action HC

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 A fun, illustrated guide to Spider-Man's world, for middle-grade readers.

Do you want to know what it really takes to be a web-slinging, wisecracking, fearless Super Hero?

Why did Spider-Man become a Super Hero? What are his webs made of, and why are they so strong? How is he able to stick to walls? Marvel Spider-Man: Be a Spider Insider will answer these questions and many more in an engaging and funny book for young readers.

Featuring doodle-style illustrations, stunning art from the Spider-Man style guides, and lively, humorous text, Marvel Spider-Man: Be a Spider Insider will enthrall even the most reluctant young reader. Discover how Spidey got his powers, why the Green Goblin is one of his most terrifying enemies, and who the other Web-Warriors are who help Spidey out when danger threatens the whole Marvel Multiverse.

The perfect gift for fans of Marvel Super Heroes aged 7-9, this book is an exciting, playful, and fact-filled journey into the exciting, web-slinging world of Spider-Man.