Free Comic Book Day 2023


Free Comic Book Day is back after a 3 year covid induced Break!

Discover new titles and old favourites with 4 FREE COMICS! Absolutely FREE! That's right! Absolutely FREE!

This year is a little bit different! The selection of comics includes titles from the previous 3 “missing” years! That’s right, if you really wanted a copy of Spider-Man/Venom #1 from last year, you can still get it.

For the first year back we will NOT be having a sale as we want the selection of FCBD books to be the main drawcard.

For a full sit of titles check out this link:


When is it? Where is it?

Free Comic Book Day takes place on Saturday May 6th at 10am at Shop 5, 81 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000.


What is it?

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is a single day each year where we give away thousands of free comics. Each FCBD comic is specially made for the day by all the big companies, (So no, you don’t get to pick up Action Comics #1 for free). No purchase necessary, no hooks, no gimmicks; basically you show up and we just give you free comics!


Will there be a line?

You betcha! You like free stuff, I like free stuff, we all love free stuff! Therefore be prepared to wait for free stuff.


Do I need to get there early?

It wouldn't hurt. No matter what time you arrive be prepared to wait as the line can get super long!


Can I put my name down for a few of the FCBD titles?

No. We’re unable to take pre-orders for FCBD titles.


What else is free?

Nothing! What more do you want from us? Free comics aren’t enough?! You want blood?!


Can I buy other items on the day?

The store will be open as per usual, so all items you see and lust after can be purchased on the day.


Will the sale be available to online customers too?

Free Comic Book Day is primarily a promotion designed to entice people into comic book stores, but we’re hoping to bring certain elements of Free Comic Book Day to our awesome online customers in future years.