Batman: Gordon's Law #1 - #4 Set

Batman: Gordon's Law #1 - #4 Set



This Set Contains 4 Individual Comics

After receiving a phone call at four in the morning concerning a robbery in progress, Commissioner Jim Gordon joins his police force at a federal reserve bank in Gotham City where he learns the robbers are holding several guards hostage inside. During attempted negotiations a police unit calls in saying that the robbers have broken out through a tunnel and are emerging from the subway four blocks north of the bank. Gordon orders the bulk of his force, including Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, and William Pettit's SWAT Team to the alternate location and remains behind to clear the hostages with a single unit.  Upon entering the bank, Gordon receives a call from Bullock saying that the earlier police call was a hoax. The robbers, who are still in the bank, then open fire on Gordon and his unit before escaping in an armored truck; they kill all hostages in addition to four of Gordon's men and make off with six million dollars in uncirculated thousand dollar bills. At a funeral service for the fallen officers, Gordon, Sarah Essen, and Barbara Gordon are approached by Pat Dougherty, who offers his condolences and tells Gordon to find him should he need to talk. Sarah and Barbara both express disdain and mistrust for Pat, with Gordon assuring them both that it's "just his Irish charm."  When one of the thousand dollar bills shows up pinned to a corpse in Gotham six months later Gordon enlists the help of Batman hoping to turn up a lead on the robbery, but refuses to let him 'borrow the bill' for analysis.  Meanwhile Captain Hugh Danzinen of GCPD's Robbery Division proposes an undercover assignment to Officer Bell. Capt. Danzizen takes Bell's shield with instruction that a department contact will meet with Bell weekly to deal with issues of pay.  When police apprehend "Checkers" Hoagland in a routine drug bust, Hoagland requests to speak with Gordon personally. During their meeting, Hoagland reveals that the heist on the federal reserve bank was planned by a contingent of police officers working in conjucntion with the Manklin brothers. When Gordon checks video surveillance of the heist only to find the tapes have been erased, he suspects the truth in Hoagland's claims.  Meeting with Batman atop the GCPD building, Gordon learns that Junior Manklin is working with a local gang and paying them in thousand dollar bills. Following this revelation, Gordon tells Batman he doesn't want any more help on the case. After a heated discussion, Gordon tells Batman that in this instance he is an obstruction and warns him to stay out of it for the sake of them both.



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