New Mutants (1983) Annual #3

New Mutants (1983) Annual #3



Cypher programmed the Danger Room.  The other New Mutants were restless and keen to work off some excess energy after their return from space (see New Mutants #51).  When the programme started, they found themselves stood in the middle of Central Park facing the Avengers.  Sunspot complained that the real Avengers were out of their league, so Cypher altered the programme to create the Teen Avengers.  The New Mutants giggled, but soon came under attack.  In outer space, a bright light began to shine.Magik dodged Captain Marvel (see Photon) by teleporting onto the back of the Black Knight's sky-rider.  She tickled him until he crashed into Delacorte Lake, and she teleported away.  The light in space approached the Earth.Sunspot faced She-Hulk.  The boulders she threw at him weren't enough to stop Sunspot.  They grappled, and he caught her off-guard with a kiss.  He pinched nerves in her neck & shoulder rendering her unconscious.The light from space approached North America.Captain America's shield knocked Wolfsbane's legs from underneath her.  He grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, but was surprised when she transformed back into a girl.  Captain America couldn't hit a girl, so Cannonball took the opportunity to blast out through the ground to attack Cap.  New York appeared to be the mysterious light's destination.However, Captain Marvel then struck Cannonball from behind, disrupting his concentration & his blast field.  Cannonball fell, but was quickly caught by Thor.  Captain Marvel complained that he should have let Cannonball go 'splat', but Thor berated her.  Suddenly Captain Marvel screamed as she was confronted by a giant hair monster.The thing from space could see Westchester.Captain Marvel crash landed at Mirage's feet.  She curled up into the emrbyo position and cried for her mommy.  Mirage comforted her, and considered how similar the Teen Captain Marvel was in age to Wolfsbane.  Meanwhile, Cannonball woke up and blasted free...


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