New Mutants (1983) #80

New Mutants (1983) #80



The burning Valkyrior towered above the dwarves & New Mutants. The New Mutants led the attack, but Boom-Boom was still ti freaked out and couldn't fight until Rictor goaded her into it. The dwarves then followed her example and fought back. As she watched from the safety of Hel, Hela was pleased to see that the dwarves were willing to fight. She commanded Moonstar to kill her former team-mates. However, the possessed spirit informed her mistress that Moonstar was still fighting her control & therefore would not let her do that. Not to be defeated, Hela gave Moonstar a pouch full of powder that would help ensure the safe capture of the New Mutants and the dwarf forgers.Back on Earth, Blob continued to pound against Skids' force-field. Rusty & Skids stood defiant of Freedom Force and threatened to reveal their plans to the world media when they arrived. Not willing to take that risk, Mystique commanded Freedom Force to step back. Crimson Commando then used a helicopter to destroy the ground form beneath Skid's shield and Bolb then carried them away.Back in the underground tunnels of Asgard, Moonstar arrived at the fight and defeated the New Mutants by sprinkling them with Hela's mystical dust. They were thrown into another prison cell, but this time they were frozen like statues. Boom-Boom continued to complain, and Sunspot wished that her mouth had been frozen too. Boom-Boom then blamed Cannonball for working with the dwarves, but Wolfsbane rebuked her defending Cannonball's actions & reasons. She taunted Boom-Boom by saying she didn't have to join the New Mutants and was free to leave the team at any time. In her anger, Boom-Boom accidentally created a time-bomb. However, as she couldn't throw it, the bomb landed underneath her and blew a hole in the floor. Boom-Boom fell down into the room below and landed on some old boxes and barrels. She soon discovered that she could move again as she rubbed her aching head.Guards ran into the cell and realised...


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