New Mutants (1983) #78

New Mutants (1983) #78



Doctor Strange continued to monitor the New Mutants progress. Mirage & Brightwind were encased in a block of ice, but they were becoming physically gaunt and withered from the mystical attack. Wolfsbane attempted to telepathically communicate with Mirage through her lupine form, but was shocked back into her human form by the terror and pain. Rusty recalled the terror of when his own mutant powers of fire manifested, but understood that he was fortunate not to be harmed by his own powers while Mirage was being consumed by the mystical fire that afflicted her. Boom-Boom was obviously worried for Mirage, but tried to put on a brave face even though she was scared. They decided to return to Ship. Sunspot and Skids worked together to lift the ice-machine enough for Warlock to carry it while Cannonball propelled them trough the air. Doctor Strange continued to follow them through the Astral Plane.Meanwhile, Hela continued to watch them from Asgard. The Rainbow Bridge had been shattered and Asgard floated through the Negative Zone. She was glad that her spell which afflicted the Valkyrior was also effecting Mirage. She believed that the Fates were conspiring against Odin to allow her to take over Asgard.Back on Earth, Freedom Force flew through the city in a helicopter. They believed that Rusty had caused the fires in Greenwich Village (see previous issue), and Destiny predicted that Rusty needed to be arrested to ensure the survival of Freedom Force and other mutants.Cannonball struggled to keep his balance, and was clipping buildings as he pushed the others through the air. Freedom Force's helicopter appeared and they demanded that Rusty hand himself over. The New Mutants resisted and Skids asked Freedom Force if they would help them. However, Crimson Commando opened fire. Rictor went to use his powes, but Destiny warned Freedom Force of his planned attack and so Commando fired a shot to catch Rictor across the temple. Rictor fell and Boom-Boom panicked for him. Rusty...


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