New Mutants (1983) #75

New Mutants (1983) #75



The New Mutants stood in the ruins of their school (it was destroyed in X-Factor #39 & Uncanny X-Men #243).  They had no idea what had happened and suspected Magneto.  Wolfsbane struggled to understand Illyana as she only spoke Russian.  Mirage's valkyrie ability to see the death glow indicated that there was someone trapped underneath the rubble.  Sunspot lifted up a huge segment of wall, but was suddenly attacked by Sabretooth who had been trapped underneath.  Cannonball's quick thinking and blasting power pushed Sabretooth away.  He fell weak agains tthe floor and introduced himself.  Sabretooth's voice faded away and Warlock pronounced that he had died, but Mirage wasn't so sure since she didn't see Death come to collect him.  However, the others reminded her that her valkyrie powers had been acting up and she admitted that she still had an intense headache.Suddenly the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club arrived.  Although they were hovering several feet above the New Mutants, Sunspot picked up a large metallic pillar from the remains and hurled it at Magneto while pronouncing that they would no longer listen to him.  Magneto easily swept the debris aside in mid air, and Sebastian Shaw descended to the ground to tackle Sunspot one-on-one.  He knocked Sunspot backwards.  Cannonball flew at Shaw, but flew into a metal wall that Magneto constructed.  Selene stood over Cannonball's collapsed body, but instead of draining his life-force her own body became withered and grey.  It was a physical manifestation of her greatest fear courtesy of Mirage's mutant power, but the White Queen telepathically attacked her.  Being a creature of living circuitry, Warlock was immune to the White Queen's powers and shocked her with a fierce alien shape.  The fight between the New Mutants and the Inner Circle came to an end when Magneto wrapped them up in a giant metallic ball constructed from the remains of the school.  He demanded to know who the little girl was,...


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