Hopeless Alcoholic: High-Functioning Romantic

Hopeless Alcoholic: High-Functioning Romantic



"Davis vividly paints her inner world, inviting the reader to come on in and make yourself uncomfortable as she lays her heart bare with vicious beauty." - Charlotte Clark

From Taija Marie Davis comes her debut book, a collection of poetry and prose published by HUXTER The Label. Hopeless Alcoholic; High-Functioning Romantic takes us through the relentless hell of going mad, with a visceral take on a traumatic life filled with delusions, mistakes, terror, addiction, fierce loves and even more loss, a destructive self-hate and falling down real fucking hard. Hopeless Alcoholic; High-Functioning Romantic is not a read for the faint of heart, but a very real reminder that it’s okay to not be okay.

This text comes with trigger warnings. 

Featuring illustrations by Maddie Page, Vivienne Grace and Link Raptor. Cover art by Link Raptor and Taija Davis.

From the publisher:

HUXTER The Label is an indie publishing label and printing house. Based in Brisbane. We produce, print and publish contemporary zines, books, photobooks and prints from some of our favourite local and national writers and artists.   

Everything we do is handmade in-house. We aim to use 100% environmentally friendly, recycled and FSC approved paper, non-toxic and vegetable inks and acid-free non-toxic varnishes and glues where we can.   

We work with a range of social groups, artists, writers and thinkers, collaborating with those who value the ability to affect positive change in our everyday lives through the work they do.  We cover topics from mental health battles, awareness and education, LGBTQI struggles through the political climate, sexuality and equality, social and cultural minorities and oppression, racial disparities and animal rights.