COVID-19 Notification

On Tuesday, 28th September, between 11.20-11.50am, Comics Etc was visited by a confirmed case of COVID-19. As per Queensland Health guidelines, all staff and customers present during this time period are considered CLOSE CONTACTS, whilst people who share a household are considered SECONDARY CONTACTS. Both are required to quarantine for 14 days and monitor for symptoms. If you have not yet been contacted by Queensland Health, please read the information appropriate to your situation on their website and make yourself known.

Unfortunately, as a small retail business operating in school holidays, all staff were on duty at the relevant time except for one and are now in home quarantine until Tuesday, October 12.

Although cleaning has been undertaken based on Queensland Health directions and the store is technically able to reopen, having a single staff member available does mean the next 14 days will be incredibly challenging, to say the least.

So what does this mean for you, our customers?

Store hours will be significantly reduced until noon on Tuesday, October 12th, and are as follows:

Friday, October 1: 1-4pm
Saturday, October 2: 10.30am-4.00pm
Sunday, October 3: CLOSED
Monday, October 4: CLOSED (Public Holiday)
Tuesday, October 5: CLOSED
Wednesday, October 6: 1-4pm
Thursday, October 7: 1-4pm
Friday, October 8: 1-4pm
Saturday, October 9: 10.30am-4pm
Sunday, October 10: CLOSED
Monday, October 11: CLOSED
Tuesday, October 12: 12-4pm

* Orders for this week’s shipment, along with the DC shipment due to arrive next week, may not be processed until October 12.

* Comics Etc Direct orders for the month of September will begin being processed next week. However, these will likely experience a delay of up to 14 days.

* Website orders placed since today, September 30th, may experience a delay of up to 48 hours.