Why is Superman weak when he's faced with Kryptonite ?

A. Kryptonite did not give Superman his powers. Because he is from the plant Krypton, the cells in his body absorbs yellow sunlight, which supercharges every single cell in his body and gives him his superpowers. Kryptonite somehow reacts with that, usually painfully, and its not really explained how, just that it has to do with yellow sunlight. On Krypton, there was a red sun so nobody absorbed yellow sunlight, so nobody had superpowers and therefore were not affected by Kryptonite.

How long do orders usually take to arrive?

A. Transit times vary according on the delivery address. All parcels are dispatched from Brisbane, Queensland. For more information please see Shipping & Returns

Can I change my mind after it arrives?

A. Comics Etc does not accept returns for change of mind. For more information see Shipping & Returns

Do you actually have secret identities?

A. Yes. ;)

How do pre-orders work?

A. Pre-ordered items, (unless their on the shipping list for the up-and-coming week), take around 2 weeks to arrive from our supplier. If ordering a combination of in-stock products and pre-order products, please be aware that your order will not be dispatched until all products are available.  If you’d like the in-stock products sent immediately, please place separate orders for the in-stock products and pre-order products. 

Can I buy an entire series in advance?

A. We are only able to accept pre-orders for items listed on this site.

Are the prices listed on comicsetc.com.au the same as in store?

A. Mostly. Some items may be different on our site or online for various reasons. Prices are as marked.

Can you tell me how much this is worth?

A. You know how on Comic Book Men from AMC the guys just stand around, talking nonsense and telling folks off the street how much their stuff is worth? Sorry to burst your bubble but real comic book shops aren’t like that. Sure, we talk plenty of nonsense but we aren't able to provide evaluations or appraisals. We don’t buy items at all so we’re certainly not the people to speak to when it comes to guessing how much your torn copy of X-Men #1 from 1991 is worth.

I feel you guys are my friend by the way we talk on Facebook. Who am I really talking to?

A. We operate like a Hive Mind. You talk to one, you talk to all. It’s kinda creepy honestly.

Do you guys sell local comics?

A. Sure do! Send an email to sales@comicsetc.com.au for more information.

Will you guys buy my comics?

A. We don’t sell second hand items, so nope! We aren't able to offer evaluations or appraisals on what your stuff is worth either.

Are you guys hiring at the moment?

A. Maybe! Drop a resume into our Brisbane City store at any time. We keep them on file and if something comes up, you’ll be in the running.

Do you offer pre-paid subscriptions?

A. No sorry, but we do offer standing order accounts.

Why don't you guys have a phone number listed?

Phones are for old people bro. All the cool kids use the electronic mail these days.

It's a lifestyle choice. 

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