DC Universe Rebirth - Month 1

It’s not a reboot. It’s a relaunch. What does this mean, you ask? Unlike the New 52 event, DC isn’t wiping the slate clean like they did back in 2011. All of the great stories that have happened in the DCU since the New 52 reboot are still in continuity. Instead, Rebirth is more of a refocus and refinement of what makes these characters and stories great. DC aims to strike a balance between accessibility for new readers and giving long-term fans new stories that they haven’t seen before.

DC Universe Rebirth FAQ

If I order all the comics listed below, how often will they be shipped?

We only dispatch / make-available-for-collection orders once all items are in-stock. We are unable to split or combine orders. If you order all the titles below, your order will be dispatched once all items are in-stock. If you would like your orders to be dispatched / made-ready-for-collection on a weekly basis, you'll need to place a separate order for each week. Multiple shipping charges will apply.

I've selected in-store pick-up as the delivery option. Can I pick them up on a weekly basis?

We are unable to split or combine orders. If you would like to collect these titles on a weekly basis, you'll need to place a separate order for each week.

Will you be offering any variant or alternate covers?

Perhaps! We only know for certain which covers we'll be allocated 7 days before a title is released. Once we know with certainty the variant or alternate covers we've been allocated, they'll be listed on our online store and on the list below.

Can I subscribe / pre-order all the following issues in a series?

Due to the erratic nature of comic book releases, we are only able to accept pre-orders on an issue-by-issue basis. While we don't offer a subscription service, we do have a Standing Order Account system in place for those who visit our Brisbane store. Check out how our Standing Order Account system works to see if it will meet your needs here.

What's the difference between Batman Rebirth #1 One-Shot and Batman #1? Are they the same thing?

Nope! DC is releasing a Rebirth One-Shot for all of their major titles. These standalone stories give new readers a taste of title without the dreaded "to be continued" of an ongoing series. But you were going to grab them both anyway.

Arriving 26th of May

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DC Universe Rebirth Week 1 - Arriving 2nd of June

DC Universe Rebirth Week 2 - Arriving 9th of June

DC Universe Week 3 - Arriving 16th of June

DC Universe Week 4 - Arriving 23rd of June

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